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Why Giftex Is Ideal For Start-Ups In India

The international gifting market is worth $475 billion and India is poised to make a significant dent by securing markets worth $84 billion by 2024 in the global markets. Today, gifting is a sunrise business and it has spread across various categories like corporate, personal, wedding, festival, etc. To amplify their growth many various companies come up with unique and high-quality products, efficient marketing, and good customer service, especially the start-ups who are looking to thrive in the markets.

Yes! In contemporary times, startups, and seeding have become a popular topic to discuss amongst young aspirants. The ecosystem of India is made up of a dynamic mix of entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and incubators. The country offers a perfect platform for co-working spaces and networking events that foster innovation and collaboration between companies and start-ups. For youth, the dream of being an entrepreneur comes with a lot of dedication and hard work, and the right opportunity to showcase their latest creations to the world.

India is known as the land of festivals; around the year there are a lot of festivals like Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Holi, Baisakhi, Onam, Raksha Bandhan, & more. People give gifts to each other as a part of tradition, thereby leading to an increased demand for unique gifts. Other than this, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, house housewarming, are also contributing to the gift-giving culture. Tropical events like Valentine’s day, Friendship day, Thanksgiving day have also seen an upward trend in India’s ever-evolving markets.

Corporate companies strive hard to retain their existing clients or appreciate the hard work of their employees through various forms of gifts and don’t have a limit on their spending. Weddings are a grand affair in India, and gifting plays a key role. It’s all about creating a remarkable impression on the guests. It offers immense opportunities for unique gift items. Other than this, rising e-commerce, marketing activities, unique gifting, and innovative packaging have enabled market players to cater to innovative gift products. As trendsetters, gift startups have to gear up to match the changing trends and innovations.

Why Participate At Giftex?

To meet the ever-growing need for unique gift products, the gifting industry comes up with a lot of innovation and sets new benchmarks amongst competitors. Thus, it becomes imperative that the industry gets a comprehensive platform to come together and interact with potential buyers. Keeping this in mind, Giftex – India’s Premier Gifting Trade Show was first launched in 1986 with a vision to create a unique platform to bring buyers and sellers of corporate as well as regular gifting products that meet their daily needs.

Best Platform For Gift StartUps

Best Platform For Gift StartUps

Defining gifting trends from more than three decades, Giftex 2024 is a reviving edition with innovative products, a budget range, and highly diversified segments. The show will be a mix of established brands and promising new entrants showcasing their fresh gifting ideas and products. It will open an ocean of opportunities for all the exhibitors, who will get a chance to present their innovative gift products to potential audiences from various industries. Thousands of quality buyers are expected to visit and source an unparalleled range of gifting and promotional solutions.

Through Giftex, we bring a mix of established brands and promising new entrants from India showcasing their fresh gifting ideas and products. With a strong footfall of 15,000+ qualified business visitors, it sets a perfect stage to build connections and venture into new and potential business deals. Giftex 2024 intends to offer a platform to spotlight unparalleled B2B gifting experiences. Other than traditional gifts like gourmet products, travel and luggage, home utility products, and so on, there will be new-age gifts like limited-edition art and collectibles, bespoke accessories, home décor, gadgets, and more.

Few more reasons to participate –

• Networking and tapping newer business opportunities
• Remain in touch with existing clients and meet new clients
• Learn ever-changing trends and innovations in the gift industry
• A cost-effective medium to interact with potential gift buyers

In this internet-driven world, we feel the warmth of personal interaction is the key to fruitful business contacts and Giftex does provide this opportunity to gift startups in India

Benefits Of Participating At Giftex

Benefits Of Participating At Giftex

Stepping into its 37th year, Giftex’24 has emerged as India’s most sought-after networking platform that brings together an extensive range of gift solutions and lets manufacturers, traders, wholesalers, distributors, and corporate buyers to boost long-term relations, do bulk-sourcing & create a win-win situation for all.

Here are some benefits for gift start-up companies:-

Visibility And Exposure – Giftex provides an ideal platform for start-ups to showcase their latest creations to a wide range of audiences – including – potential buyers, retailers, distribution, and media. Thus exposure can significantly increase their brand’s visibility, and awareness and even work as a good recall.

Networking Opportunities – It brings together 15,000+ like-minded people, potential buyers, and innovative start-ups under a single platform. This gives an excellent opportunity for start-ups to network, start valuable communication, and build relationships with potential partners, suppliers, and consumers.

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Market Insights – Interacting with various visitors and other exhibitors at the expo allows gifting startups to gather collective but valuable feedback about their latest products. This bit of information is crucial to refine products, identify market trends, and understand customer preferences.

Brand Building – Giftex is one of India’s premier gifts trade shows. Thus, participating in such a highly popular gift show will offer a chance for startups to create a strong brand presence. A well-designed and attractive booth, with engaging promotional merchandising, will help create a memorable brand image for the potential audience.

Brand Building With Giftex

Brand Building With Giftex

Product Testing & Launch – Giftex offers an ideal platform to launch new products or services. By launching or testing products, startups can gauge the market response, gather customer feedback, and make changes in their products or services before playing on the front foot in the markets.

Sales Opportunities – Being the corporate industry’s most awaited show, it attracts a targeted audience in the industry. This leads to potential sales opportunities, as attendees will look to make bulk purchases or create fruitful partnerships with start-ups that are fresh, innovative, and full of dreams & aspirations.

Competitive Analysis – Giftex offers a great chance for startups to closely watch their established brands, their marketing strategy, and overall presence in the market. This piece of information is valuable for gift startups to stay competitive and identify areas of improvement.

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Marketing Exposure – Expo often attracts marketing attention. Thus, startups can leverage this opportunity to secure marketing coverage, with no press releases, interviews, or even product demonstrations. Being associated with Giftex will give them free marketing coverage which is more powerful than word of mouth or shelling out money on ads, and it will contribute to increased brand awareness.

Better And F2F Interaction – It allows startups to meet potential customers face-to-face and establish a personal connection, build trust, and convey the USP of their products. This in-directly becomes a sales pitch that can help them receive bulk orders from clients. Startups can explain the benefits of the products or services in a much more personalized and better way through F2F interaction

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On A Concluding Note –

Overall, participating in Giftex will prove to be a strategic move for gifting startups companies to accelerate their growth, build a strong market presence, and create lasting connections with the gift industry. Many gift startups have participated at Giftex starting with 4 sqm and going on to book up to 60 sqm based on their growing business needs. Giftex is considered as India’s biggest & premium corporate as well as regular gifting exhibition. Being at the forefront of corporate gifting since 1988, we’ve set out the vision of creating a unique platform to bring buyers and sellers of corporate as well as regular gifting products to meet their daily needs.

Every year, exhibitors bring innovative gifting solutions in categories like: Gourmet | Health and wellness | Electronics and gadgets | Home Décor | Wedding Gifts | Tech & Lifestyle | Gift Packaging & Wraps | Festive Gifts | Sustainable Gifts | Toys & Baby Products | Travel & Outdoor accessories and more; thereby making Giftex – India’s most awaited corporate as well as regular gifting event.

Today, a lot of start-ups especially e-commerce are mushrooming in India in dedicated sectors like gourmet, electronics, health and wellness, travel and accessories, and clothing. The forthcoming expo will be an ‘Incredible Opportunity’ to showcase their latest creation, build valuable connections, and turn opportunities into sales – most directly and efficiently.

So what are you waiting for? Be a part of Giftex – India’s Premier Gifts Trade Show and take your brand to new heights.

Giftex – India’s premier gifts trade show
6-9 August 2024,
Nehru Centre, Worli, Mumbai